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How many of you have ever been nervous before making a presentation? The answer is everyone. If you are not nervous, you are not up for the task. Acquiring the presentation skills to eliminate nervousness and transfer this into positive energy to become an effictive speaker.

Anyone who makes speaking and presentations look and sound easy, have spent many hours practicing the skills. Like any other skill, effective communication requires planning and practice. 

The nervousness is a reflection of the energy or the adrenaline pumping through your system. The skill is to turn that energy into the message. This can only be achieved by understanding two basic princples: Who is my audience? and Why should they be interested in what I have to say? This is the bases on which all good presentations are built.
The key to an effective presentation is to remember the presenation is about the audience, not the presenter. Now you have externalized the purpose of presentation. The energy will be transferred from negative nervousness to "adrenaline" positive energy.

Business School Success

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Singleton Executive Communication Skills finds success at The Gordon Ford College of Business

The Gordon Ford College of Business, a department of a large Mid Western University, looked to develop a new and exciting way of encouraging MBA students to register for Sales and Marketing courses. The Singleton Executive Communication Skills process was introduced in January 2010 to an enrollment of only ten students. Within 2 years the program proved to be so successful, enrollment for subsequent terms has been oversubscribed; there is a long waiting list. The reason? All business professionals earn their living by communicating information and ideas in a way to get others to listen and persuade them to act on their recommendations. All Department Heads received coaching in the Singleton process. The students now receive and benefit from learning a life skill which they are able to put into practice every day. The Singleton Group partners with WKU to coach outstanding communication skills essential for both individual and professional success.

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The Singleton Group has been acknowledged as the pre-eminent communication and presentation skills coaching and consulting resource for developing the communication skills that all corporations and business executives must master to be successful as leaders in today's competitive environment.

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Effective Communication begins with a plan and practice

Learn the skills required to present to your community. With our training, you will learn how to plan, practice, and present effectively.

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Both corporate and personal, requires outstanding communication skills. We can teach you the proper speech communication techniques that will make you stand above the rest.

All business professionals earn their living through their ability to communicate ideas, information and knowledge to get others to listen and be motivated to act on their recommendations.


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